Orthotic Prosthetic Users Stanmore


We would like to introduce ourselves, we’re a new and upcoming patient volunteer group working with RNOH (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore) we aim to create a voice for all Orthotic and Prosthetic patients. We are working hard to spread the word and get as many patients involved as we can. We have regular meetings and encourage everyone to come along. We intend to train some of our volunteers to be “listening buddies” to new patients and we are looking for suitable volunteers.

Our group has been given a dedicated room in the prosthetic centre that we can furnish to use as a meet-up room so you will have somewhere pleasant to sit when you come to Stanmore. We intend to circulate a newsletter that you will be able to receive by either registering on our website, or send us your details by email. We have lots planned in the coming months, we will have a stall at the Buttercup Walk on the 26th June so come along and say hello. Also planned, is A Big Meet Up for October, which is an informal get together for the prosthetic and orthotic users and their family and friends. The Big Meet Up will be held on Saturday the 22nd October at 12 noon in The Battle Axes, Elstree WD6 3AD.

Let’s all work together to make this a fun and positive group that inspires all its members, families and friends.



Check us out on Facebook          www.facebook.com/OPUSstanmore

Our new website is                      www.OPUS-rnoh.wix.com/usergroup

Email us on                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.