The Limbless Association Sports Officer Dean Heffer was awarded as Limb Loss Champion 2015 by the All Parliamentary Limb Loss Forum at their meeting 27th October 2015 at Portcullis House Westminster.

The award read -

The all Parliamentary Limb Loss Forum are here by privileged and delighted to recognise DEAN HEFFER as an esteemed and highly valued and meritorious LIMB LOSS CHAMPION in pursuance of Deans truly outstanding and highly skilled services to Disability Sport through which and by his example and especial courage and wise counsel he has modestly and unselfishly and always with total commitment and a warm-hearted welcome opened new doors of good health and pleasure and opportunity to so many other people with whom he shares limb loss.

Dean said “I was very honoured and very proud to receive this award as I have been involved in amputee fitness and football sessions now since I was 17 and I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better being able to forefeel my dream of playing football again after I had my left shin and foot amputated back when I was 8 years old. As I got older I joined the Limbless Association which gave me a platform to get myself and many other amputees into fitness and sports and create our very own Amputee football team.”

The full article will be in a upcoming copy of the our magazine Stepforward.