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Volunteer Visitors

Our Volunteer Visitor (VV) Network offers a free service to the amputee community.  Our VVs are all Limbless Association members who are willing to share their experience of limb-loss and knowledge and understanding with anyone who has had, or is about to have an amputation.  By offering their acquired empathy and understanding, based on their own personal experiences and knowledge, VVs have insightful practical information and suggestions on the everyday issues you may be facing.

We can find a volunteer to visit you at home, or in hospital, for a face-to-face meeting or for a telephone conversation.  We will try to match your request with the most suitable volunteer by using, as far as possible, the following criteria:

  • level of limb-loss
  • geographical area
  • gender;
  • reason for limb-loss; and
  • age

We can also try to find a volunteer who has specific knowledge of an area of interest that you would like to learn more about, such as a sport you would like to return to or a hobby you may wish to take up.

Since our VVs are not trained medical professionals or counsellors, they cannot provide specific medical, psychological or legal advice.  However, they can provide practical and essential information and an empathetic insight and understanding into your situation.

How Our Volunteers Help

“We were both lost and desperately needed to speak to somebody”

Ms A had recently lost her leg as a result of a road traffic accident and was coming to terms with her loss. She realised that her family were experiencing greater difficulties in understanding her new situation and needs and so she asked for a volunteer to visit her and her family. One of our VV’s met with them to provide a better understanding of what was needed and what to expect next.

“Just seeing somebody who had gone through a similar experience and come out the other side was so helpful to me and my family. We all felt more relaxed about the future knowing that we were not alone and that we were not the first, or only, people who had gone through such a situation. We felt more knowledgeable and united for the future. Just seeing someone enjoying a full and active life made me and my family realise things would improve”.

Mr B lost his leg due to diabetes. He also suffered from a heart condition. One of our VV’s visited him in hospital and provided information, comfort and support, including practical advice on home adaptations and what to expect once he left hospital.

“We spent over two hours discussing every issue that I was concerned about. It didn’t feel like speaking to a doctor, as I knew this person had actually lived through the same experiences I was facing and that allowed me to talk to him in a much more personal way. It felt like meeting an old friend who had a real understanding of my life and we still stay in touch with each other”.

Mr C had recently lost an upper limb following an infection and his distraught wife complained that they had not received any counselling before or after the operation. In addition to putting them in touch with a professional counselling service, we were able to provide a VV who, accompanied by his wife, visited the next day.

“Just to see another couple adapt to their new lives in such a supportive and positive manner was an enormous help to me and my husband. I was not sure whether I was a good carer for him as I had my own fears and concerns. I was not sure if I was doing too much for him, or not enough, so it was very reassuring to hear about somebody else’s experience. After the visit, my husband and I both felt we had a better understanding of each other”.

Additional Information

If you would like to learn more about our VV Network, please visit our VV FAQ’s section here.

If you would like to request a visit from one of our Volunteers, or are interested in becoming a Volunteer Visitor, please contact our office on tel: 01245 216674