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LA Cup


On Sunday 9 December 2012, the LA Spurs staged a rematch with a team of prosthetists from Roehampton to mark European Limb Loss Day. As last year, the event took place at the Wandle Centre, in Wandsworth, London Last year’s inaugural event was won by the prosthetist team so there was honour at stake! Further spice was added to the day as the event was being filmed by ITV London News

The Results

As last year, the format of the Challenge Cup was three, 30 minute games. In what turned out to be a a closely matched series, we are pleased to say that the LA Spurs emerged victorious! The results were:

LA Spurs 2 (LLoyd Cherrill 1, Abi 1) Roehampton Prosthetists 0

LA Spurs 1 (og) Roehampton Prosthetists 2

LA Spurs 2 (Lloyd Cherrill 2) Roehampton Prosthetists 0

The Limbless Association Challange Cup was presented to Dean Heffer by John Reid, Chairman of the Limbless Association, with medals presented to both teams by Pat Fitzpatrick, Board Secretary.

A big thank you to all those people who made the day possible, including Dean Heffer who arranged the event, and a special thanks to the Roehampton prosthetists for their continued involvement – and better luck next year! Also, a big thanks to Waitrose Weybridge Branch manager Steve Yates for donating some much needed energy drinks for the players on the day and to Bradley Bayliss for the new kit for the LA Spurs team.

And finally….

The coverage by ITV London News can be found here

The matches were played at the Wandle Centre, Wandsworth and this is now an annual event to help raise the profile of amputees doing sport. Sports Officer Dean Heffer said that  “It is a great opportunity for people to come down and watch amputees playing football and hopefully it will get more amputees involved in the game.  We must also remember the team would not even be playing if it was not for the great work that the prosthetists do".

Another video of the event (source: The Guardian online) can be seen here and the video that it was taken from can be seen here (opens in YouTube)