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LA Spurs

The LA Spurs, a five-a-side team sponsored by the Limbless Association and run by Dean Heffer (our Sports+ Officer) play in the Middlesex County FA Pan Disability County League.  The team won the league and cup double in the 2008-2009 season and repeated it the following year.  

The LA Spurs is the only team in the league that has amputee players.  While this makes it hard going at times, the team makes up for its loss of limbs with great team spirit and determination to play the game.  The league comprises four teams and all teams play each other every month.  Each game is 20 minutes long (10 minutes each way).

Get involved!

It would be great if you could come and watch us play and to support the team.  We are always looking for new players so why not come along and sign up?  For more details, please call the Sports+ desk on 01245 216670.

 LA Spurs win league for the 3rd year running!

LA Spurs retained their championship crown by winning the last game of the season on goal difference against Feltham Bees's.  Captain Dean Heffer played a captains game by scoring all four goals in a 4-1 victory.  Lloyd Cherill provided the assists to all four goals.  A fantastic team effort and a well deserved championship crown.     

Ruislip 2014-15 fixtures and results

For this season's results and forthcoming fixtures, please click here to be taken to the FA Middlesex Pan-Disability County League website. 

Ruislip 2013-14 fixtures and results

Goalscorers List

Bradley - 26
Lloyd - 22
Nathan - 11
Sam - 4
Dean - 4
Looey - 2

June 1st County Cup

Feltham bees 3 v LA SPURS 1 Nathan r

Dynamos 0 v LA SPURS 3 Brad b 2, Dean H 1

Hammers 4 V LA SPURS 2 Brad b 2


April 6th 2014 League Fixtures

Hammers 1 v LA SPURS 4 Lloyd c 2, Looey 2.

Dynamos 1 v LA SPURS 3 Lloyd c 3

LA SPURS B 0 V LA SPURS 5 Lloyd c 3, Nathan 1, Dean H 1


March 2nd 2014 League Fixtures

LA SPURS 2 V Dynamos 1 Bradley B, Nathan R.

LA SPURS 9 V LA SPURS B 2 Bradley B, 5 Lloyd C, 1 Dean H, 1 Nathan R, 1 o g.


February 2nd 2014 League Fixtures

LA SPURS 8 V LA SPURS B 2 Looey, Steve, Bradley 4, Sam 2, Nathan 2

LA SPURS 4 V Hammers 10 Lloyd C


December 1st 2013 League Fixtures

LA SPURS 5 V Dynamos 8 Lloyd 2, Dean 1, Bradley 1, Sam 1

LA SPURS 2 V Hammers 6 Lloyd 1, Bradley 1


November 3rd 2013 League Fixtures

LA SPURS 5 V HAMMERS 0 Lloyd 2, Nathan 1, Bradley 2

LA SPURS 4 V Dynamos 4 Lloyd 3, Sam 1

LA SPURS 5 V St Albans 1 Lloyd 2, Bradley 2, Nathan 1


October 6th 2013 League Fixtures

LA SPURS 8 V HAMMERS 4 Bradley 4 Lloyd 2 Nathan 2


LA SPURS 5 V ST ALBANS A 3 Bradley 2 Nathan 2 Mat1